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Learned optimism: ABCDE

I love reading books about positive psychology. I feel optimistic after knowing some inspiring psychology experiments and findings. Learned Optimism is a good read. I’m happy that I have learned the ABCDE model which is an optimism tool to help us achieve the goals we set for ourselves.

When I did a test about my optimistic level, I thought I’m very optimistic. But the results show that I’m very pessimistic indeed. I was so surprised! It took me a while to accept that I had been wrong about how optimistic I was. I decided to redo the test with the ABCDE model in mind to see if I would get a different result. The second attempt was definitely cheating. But I didn’t care. I was curious to know if there was any change. The second result is… very optimistic. Ha! I learned optimism theoretically.

How do I use the ABCDE model in real life?

A (Adversity): I have a writer’s block

B (Belief): I am not funny so I can’t write funny stories

C (Consequences): I feel bad and stop writing

D (Disputation): Everyone has a sense of humor, although it may be different from others. My friends and I have the same sense of humor. Everything can be learned. Things are hilarious when there is incongruity and the timing is right. (What I’m trying to do here is to disagree my belief by coming up with alternative thoughts and finding evidences to disagree)

E (Energization): I read articles or books and watch videos about comedy writing. I watch sitcoms and comedy movies to get inspired. I have more confidence to use the comedic device in my writing. I try to write again, edit the story, and make it funnier.

The ABCDE model makes me keep going with an optimistic mindset. I feel good to work on my goals without any negative thoughts. You can try ABCDE if you get stuck with something. Stay optimistic, dear! You’re welcome to subscribe to my blog for more happiness updates monthly.

Happy reading!



43 thoughts on “learned optimism

  1. I stay away from all the motivational stuff and the pep talks, but I’m a cynical SOB. I guess I’m an optimist after all, because I keep on plodding along.

  2. Thanks for reading my post, Helen. I enjoyed the above. So many of us writers are ‘fence sitters’- tending to be part introvert and part extrovert, don’t you think?! Now I’m quite ancient, i’m a lot better, but I used to be so negative about any writing ability. The penny dropped awhile ago that we can only do our best – whatever that is… and taste is SO subjective, we can only please some of the people some of the time anyway! If I can entertain and maybe make someone smile now and then, I’m happy. Best wishes. Joy x

    1. I totally agree with you. I’m still so negative about my writing. lol Yes, taste is SO subjective. Entertain ourselves first, let the work do the best. I’m happy to hear from you!:D

  3. I am optimistic realist, and my long life experience shows that theories do not always work in life. Things also happen before you get to analyze them. Sometimes, very crucial things can happen even faster than you can blink.
    Research shows that North America has more positively thinking people than Europe and Asia.
    Having positive outlook helps in many areas, however,being too positive and trustworthy can cause troubles, as well, like investing in wrong places, spending too much money on useless things and so.
    I think the best is to be what you are and trying to have reasonably positive outlook. We cannot escape anything bad by being positive, e. g. , diseases, nature disasters, accidents or similar, but it will help overcoming the sequences. Everything in this universe has two sides.
    The worst is actually people who pretend being very positive because that is a well-accepted social feature. Yet, it can come to a moment when the masks fall and true nature is revealed. I have seen good people among critically thinking persons and bad people among positivists and also the contrary. It just always depends on how genuine and honest the person is.

    1. Yes I agree with what you said. We will need reality check too. Seeing things with a positive perspective can help us stay emotionally stable, which is a good thing. 🙂

  4. Wow, I really like this. I hadn’t heard of the ABCDE model before but it sounds really useful. I am reblogging this

  5. You sound so much like me! I also love reading about psychology and human behavior! I just put this book and the book “Wired to Create on my Amazon order list!

    Thank you so much for the heads up! I’m always looking for good reads that help me grow!

      1. Great! Have you read “The Laws of Human Nature ” by Robert Greene?

        It tells you why people do what they do. I think you’ll love it! Its available on Amazon!

      2. Hi Cherie White,
        I finished reading this book you recommended to me. It’s really a good book! It’s thick and takes me long to finish! I love the example stories of many different legends like coco chanel, steve jobs, etc. ❤

      3. Oh the stories are awesome! Not only to you learn about Human Nature, but you get several history lessons along with it! I’m so glad you enjoyed! 🙂

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