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Hi, this is Helen. Yeah! You’ve made it to the About page.

What’s it all about? I like the fact that you’re questioning and I love that you’re curious enough to reach this page and try to figure out. You might be my target audience who loves reading a lot or someone who is obsessed with self-learning and doing things with a creative mind.

What you focus on will grow.

So, why not choose to focus on feeling happy and creative.

In short, this blog is about books focusing on two categories: happiness and creativity. I created this blog to entertain myself and see if there’s anyone gets excited too about what I write here. If you love happy creative living and learning new ideas, you might find a unicorn here and make up your mind that here’s a happy spot for you. Simply subscribe for more happy reads and stories if you’re interested in feeling great and doing something creative.

If you feel like making a new friend, just contact me today. Take a look now and see what amazing inspirations you can find today. To read the blog posts by topics, please scroll down to the bottom of this page and press the triangle button. Happy reading & creative doing!


Disclosure: Some of the links in this blog are affiliate links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase.

170 thoughts on “About

    1. Let’s do something you love in a creative way today! I plan to cook goji omelette(first time to try) for my mum today haha. Btw, remember to subscribe my blog. Will update you some reads about happiness and creativity from time to time. 🙂

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    1. The Coronavirus pandemic becomes serious worldwide. How are you affected again in HK. Take care and protect yourself well everywhere.

  2. Thank you Hellen for stopping by my blog and liking one of my salad recipes. Your blog is amazing and I’ll definitely be visiting often. Stay blessed 💕

  3. I’m up for creativity and happiness. What attractive goals. Thanks for following my blog, Helen. I know we have chatted, but I don’t think I landed on your about page last time. And I found an old friend who had changed blog sites, so thanks for that, too. 🙂 It pays to read comments on other people’s blogs. It takes a lot of time, but you meet the best people that way.

    1. Thank you for visiting my About page Marsha!<3 Yes totally agree with what you said! ❤ There's surprise when we read comments or comment on other people's blogs.

  4. You have a wide group of interests it seems. I’ve made many trips to Japan during my working years and being based in Singapore for ten years enjoyed frequent trips to all the other countries in the Asia Pacific area too. Wonderful people and excellent food 🙂

  5. The world definitely can use more “happy spots”. I look forward to visiting you again and getting to know you. Thank you for choosing to follow my blog. I hope you find it a place of encouragement and hope…another happy spot.

      1. I can feel the cold from your side. Stay warm and healthy ❤ HK here is still hot till November. Hope you have a nice day @noelstevenson12 😀

  6. Loving your open-ended plea for creativity. My last novel was a dystopian book about our obsession with nostalgia and the death of creativity. I think you’d find it interesting. It’s great to connect with you.

  7. I am glad to find this blog! Thanks to you for liking one of my posts, so I could discover your blog! What I read so far was meaningful and a source of inspirations! Thank you for sharing your colourful inside with the world!

  8. Hi Helen and thanks for stopping by blog and site recently, much appreciated. Have you come across Philippa Stanton on your travels? if not, I think you might like her and her books! She’s big on Instagram under the name of @5ftinf – as for me, you can probably tell that in painting in watercolour, I’ve found my happy place!

    1. Thanks for sharing, John! ❤ I love the colors and followed her ig 😀 Great source of inspiration. Thank you again! ❤ It's a truly happy spot!

  9. Hi Helen. Great to see you on WordPress. Nice blog you have here. Thanks for liking my post as well. Hope you’re doing okay in the pandemic.


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