I’m hooked by many things. Now, I have a better idea of why I’m hooked after reading the book Hooked. The hooked model gives me the explanations of why I’m hooked by Netflix and Apple tv+. And why I’m hooked blogging here.

The Hooked Model

When I feel bored or uninspired, I turn to Netflix or Apple tv+. My desire for entertainment and inspiration is the internal trigger that causes me to watch endless videos. My friend’s recommendation on what to watch is the external trigger that makes me watch even more. My action of watching streaming videos gives me various rewards like getting inspired by many new perspectives and staying connected with friends. I’m totally hooked.

I want to read and write more (internal trigger) so I blog about books I’ve read (action). I feel happy when I get positive and supportive comments on my blog; and I make new friends with other bloggers (various rewards). So I spend more time and effort to keep blogging (investment). Can you see another hook cycle is happening here?

You can make use of this hook model to create good habits or products. Or try to unhook yourself from bad habits by eliminating any of the key factors: trigger, action, various reward, and investment. I’m trying to unhook myself from my phone by hiding it away. Be aware of what and why you’re hooked.

Happy reading!


52 thoughts on “Hooked

  1. This is theory is very interesting. It puts a lot of things into perspective. Thank you for this gem

  2. Quite interesting take…I feel it takes longer time to unhook from something coz one gets to hooked….but again it’s on the individual’s will power….getting hooked to good things is always positive though

      1. 😊

        Hey FYI, I have sent you an invitation to re-follow my blog. There has been some glitches with notifications. So I had to “remove you”. Pls check your mail & accept the invite if you would still like to follow my blog πŸ™βœ¨πŸ’›

  3. Really interesting stuff. I am interested to note that he is making money not just from selling books to business on how to get us addicted, he’s also selling books to us on how to control ourselves. I just checked out “Indestractable” from the library by him. It looks like it could be interesting.

    BJ Fogg is also another one doing this, coaching people to create addictive business models then coaching us on how not to get addicted. I have his book “Tiny Habits” but am struggling through that one.

    I’m not sure how I feel about it. Partly I’m grateful for the info, partly I feel it’s like a drug dealer learning that they can not just sell cocaine, they can open a rehab clinic and profit from that as well.

  4. This is pretty interesting! πŸ‘Now i am trying to calculate the things/activities that i am hooked to at subconscious level!!πŸ˜€ Thanks for sharing☺

  5. Unhook from phone, I know how hard is it for a blogger 😊..still I liked the concept..blogging helped me to unhook from the tv..but hooked more time on phone πŸ“±..and will surely go through this amazing book soon πŸ˜Šβœ…

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