Simple Secrets



What’s the most important thing that determines our happiness? Most people say it’s the quality of relationships that we have with ourselves and other people! If that’s true, we better work more on building great relationships. Wouldn’t you agree? After reading 100 Simple Secrets of Great Relationships and 100 Simple Secrets of Happy People, I select 3 points from each book and they share similar meanings. They are so simple that we tend to overlook them.

Friendship beats money

Money matters less over time

The way we talk about our family and friends can tell others if we are happy or not. Good relationships make us feel food. Bad relationships make us feel bad. As simple as that. Shall we pay more attention to cultivate friendships daily?

See possibilities

If you’re not sure, guess positively.

During the COVID-19 adversity, I was laid off as my previous company underwent restructuring. I accepted this circumstance but I chose to see possibilities of earning money even in tough times. With focus and effort, I explored various ways to increase personal finance. Luckily, I found a new job with even better pay after job hunting for a month! I could earn more through freelancing and investing stocks too. I felt so blessed, grateful, and surprised by the possibilities.

Attitude triumphs outcome

It’s not what happened, it’s how you think about what happened.

When it comes to the process of getting a life partner or keeping the relationship, how can we stay positive? Take this attitude: continue being someone who sees the good around you, and continue being someone who would offer love, affection, and support to the right partner.


Happy reading!


28 thoughts on “Simple Secrets

  1. Yay, Helen, love this, you so nailed it (as always) I remember a film (Roadhouse) Patrick Swazey said always ‘be nice’ and I’m a firm believer, what you send into the universe comes right back atcha lol. Love your posts although I am guilty of not commenting enough, keep safe 😉

  2. You chose three important secrets to highlight, Helen. I especially appreciated the last one: “Attitude triumphs outcome.” You are so right: the way we choose to perceive events is more impactful than the event itself. For example, when you lost your job, you chose to see the circumstances as an opportunity, not a setback. Well done!

  3. The second point is so so important. In the pandemic, I’ve seen/ heard a lot of people be negative. Am not taking away their pain but I believe life is what we make of it. I turned the situation around for myself by focusing on all the things I was grateful for. (I wrote a blog post on this; do let me know if you would like to read it.) Kudos to you for seeing opportunities & grabbing them.

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