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It’s amazing that happy couples can make love last. Is keeping yourself happy the key to a happy marriage? The good marriage sounds like a miracle when the divorce rate is high in modern days. First of all, do we have a definition of a good marriage? The book The Good Marriage has the answer.

What is a good marriage?

😍The idealization of the other is part of every happy marriage
💋Satisfying sex life
😇Grateful to each other for the changes they had experienced over the years
💑Talk about what we want for the future and let’s see what we have in common
🗣💕Set some time for talking about the relationship
🤲Give more than you expect to get

😜Keep interests alive by trying new things
😎Distinguish between big things and little things, knowing what’s important
🤗Mutual protection is at the heart of marriage
😢Provide emotional nurturance
⚖Fairness was far more important than exactly how the chores were allocated

When coping with a crisis, what would a happy couple do?

The Good Marriage shows that they protect each other against self-reproach and they don’t blame each other. They also take steps to allow some degree of pleasure and humor. Make a safe place for conflict and make it clear that the fighting will not breach the walls of the marriage. Hope everyone has the intention to keep a good marriage.

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60 thoughts on “good marriage

      1. Best friend!<3 Thank you so much TranquilTrekker for your valuable advice. I appreciate your insights<3 I will try to do this. 🙂

  1. The extraordinary expectations and desires beyond the reach, have taken a big toll on the relationships. Also, if someone is working too hard on a relationship then there is something amiss. A relationship should be natural and free-flowing.

  2. 37 years married this year and all I can say is no one can plan for an unknown future and nobody intends to have an unhappy or bad marriage. We simply wanted to be together, we started with nothing and life was not easy. Expect little and know that being together is more important than stuff, we are best friends, lovers, parents and all problems are shared discussed and solved, together.

    1. Happy to hear your sharing!<3 "Expect little and know that being together is more important than stuff, we are best friends, lovers, parents and all problems are shared discussed and solved, together." Thanks for your insights, Maria. 😀

  3. People say a good marriage is hard work. Our 33rd anniversary is due in July and, after a life of sometimes abundance but mostly extreme austerity, we are just more in love now than in 1987.

    It is like a teenage walk in the clouds. Reciprocal hero worship. We make love all day, to each other’s minds. Our hearts get bonded and re-bonded. As that is where love-making really happens. And we have a very dynamic love triangle with Jesus central. Maybe He is our big secret for great loving.

    We don’t need to work hard at a marriage when the love is real. And my darlingmost wificle is really burdened with a half crippled old geyser, reduced to little ability by diabetes, stroke and a knock to the spine. My heart is enlarged by about a third. I think that makes room for more love.

    We touch a lot, we cuddle constantly. I suspect she has amnesia as I regularly has to say “I love you, I really do.” Sometimes, we even physically make love, which is always very pleasant, but the mere touch & cuddle is what really holds us together.

    Our daughter just left her hubby, they didn’t even make a decade. They did mock the Almighty which is how I foresaw their divorce winking on the horizon. That was fatal to their union.

  4. Sounds like wise advice, including that important statement: “Give more than you expect to get.” Sometimes people go into marriage expecting the other person to fulfill all their needs. But actually, the husband/wife who seeks ways to please the other actually enjoys a more satisfying marriage. Jesus was right: “It is more blessed to give than receive” (Acts 20:35). (Scientists have even proven the benefits of kindness not only for the recipient–as one would expect– but for the giver too.) P.S. My husband and I have been married for almost 50 years!

  5. Thanks so much for the visit to my blog. What a lovely post – so true on all points. But I especially love how you adorned the list with emojis! Makes it way more fun and interesting to read. 👌🌷🙏🌻🎉🙌

  6. Hi Good morning,Helen? I want to know how long you have been married for?
    I will further give u some input after your reply.

    1. I am impressed with you that,though you are not married, you have such a good insight about good marrige
      and married life.This is commendable!
      By the way I am married,otherwise, i would have loved to propose and marry you!


      1. I keep my finger cross.I want to tell you something which is universally acclaimed and accepted
        – “Marrige is a very yummy cake,you will regret it if you eat this cake and also regret if you don’t
        eat it” I decided to taste and then regret it.What would you like to do?

      2. If you could taste and no regret-that would be wonderful.Well you could be an exception!

  7. Wonderful. No body teaches marriage, however it’s one of the most difficult subjects, as there is no tool book to deal with this. I would recommend 24×7 marriage. It’s written by a marriage counsellor expert.

  8. The Corona shutdown likely means you will be spending a lot more time with your significant other at home, Thus a true test of the quality of this relationship will thus be met on such closed confinement.

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