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How to craft your writing?

If you would like to craft your writing, reading The Element of Style by William Stunk Jr. and E.b. White is a must. This September, I have been reading books about the craft of writing. I would like to recommend The Elements of Style. This is a good book about grammar rules and the style of writing, even Stephen King has highly recommended it as a good one without bullshit.

I’ll tell you right now that every aspiring writer should read The Elements of Style.

— Stephen King 

Here are some of the suggestions, for helping writers or bloggers to develop their own style:

  • write in a way that comes naturally
  • write with nouns and verbs, not with adjective and adverb
  • revise and rewrite

For more tips on how to craft, check it out and dive in.

The writing style of great writers

Ernest Hemingway’s simple and succinct writing style is the opposite of James Joyce’ complex and stream-of-consciousness writing. Style is like beauty. It’s subjective and has various ways. Writing style is your identity. It’s a part of you. So the takeaway point here is to write what you know and be yourself. That’s what Hemingway and Joyce did.

Happy reading!





20 thoughts on “writing style

  1. Hi—

    I agree that The Elements of Style is essential for any writer.

    I question, though, the generally wise adage to “write what you know” because I find it too limiting. One of my great joys is writing about what I’ve just learned: doing thorough research in an area to which my curiosity has drawn me—and then delving into the subject. I love, subsequently, to bring my findings to those who read my blog.


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